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Software Development

Welcome to the EPRI Software Development Website

This website provides guidance and assistance to software Project Managers and Software Developers developing software products for EPRI.

When ready to submit your software for a Preproduction test or the Final Acceptance test, review the testing submittal packages checklist.


This site applied to software developed as an EPRI product., released to members or the public under a product ID. This includes web sites, desktop software, spreadsheets, databases, and similar electronic media.

Software Development Contacts

2023 Submittal Deadlines

Submittal dates for software with an end of year 12/31/2023 Planned Completion Date (PCD):

  • Preproduction submittal (e.g., Beta): 09/15/2023
  • Production submittal (e.g., Final Acceptance): 11/01/2023

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