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E-mail Form

Please use the SWS Database Request e-mail form for any changes to an application database. The e-mail form will open in your default email client.

Note: You must provide a WBS # to charge with the DB request.

You may provide the file(s) as an email attachment. If you require an alternate approved file-transfer method, please contact SQA.

Content-only vs. Structural Changes

Changes in Production may require additional approval from the Change Approval Board (CAB), depending on the type of change requested.

Content-only changes do not require CAB approval. Requests will be performed as they are received.


  • Insert records into tables
  • Update records
  • Export records between environments

Structural changes in Production involve downtime and require CAB approval. CAB meetings are held only once a week, and changes in Production can only be performed on certain days. Please expect a longer turnaround time and plan accordingly.


  • Promote database from DEV/TEST to PROD
  • Restore database using backup file
  • Change column names

Sample Form

Alternate Form

If the above form does not work, please submit the request directly to SWSDBReq@epri.com, copying the following into the email body:

WBS #: 


Name of database: 

What needs to be done? 

File location: