EPRI: Electric Power Research Institute

Software Development

Step 9: Retirement Phase


  • Customer And Product Access (CAPA) distribution list of SW for retirement consideration with specific criteria
    • 2 year review — Determine if it should continue to be orderable or for download only
    • 5 year review — intended to identify high value work (like software) that cannot be made public
  • Stop the distribution of SW by notifying Electric Power Software Center (EPSC)
  • Review who has downloaded the software and who has access to the software
  • Determine if the SW is connected to any other business process or software
  • Software developed under Billable Service Agreements (BSA) require consideration of the contract requirements
    • Be sure that all obligations are being met (e.g., Third Party Licensing Agreements)
  • Software development using contracted resources
    • Look at access rights to EPRI resources and discontinue as appropriate

Consideration to Revision Changes

  • Should older versions be retired or is there a need to keep them active for some subset of users?

Archiving EPRI Software

  • When?
    • When a new version or release comes out, the older version is archived
    • As a result of the 2 and 5 year Sector Product reviews
    • Project/Product is no longer supported, or end of project (retired)
  • How it is removed from distribution?
    • Deactivated in SAP
    • Removed from the web
  • Where it is stored?
    • Software, source code, test and product/project documentation are currently maintained permanently