EPRI: Electric Power Research Institute

Software Development

Step 8: Operations & Maintenance Phase

Post-Delivery Support

    Operations (web or server software). Depending on the product, an ongoing operations plan will be necessary to address:
    • User account creation
    • Database updates and backups
    • Server maintenance
    • Hardware obsolescence

Maintenance (Bug Fix) Release Process

  1. Project Manager must notify SQA that a bug fix release will be submitted and to archive the current release in distribution.
  2. Developer fixes the bug and in both the application and documentation, must:
    • Increment the software version number (i.e., Version 1.0 to Version 1.01 or Version 1.1)
    • Update the EPRI Material ID #
    • Update the copyright year
  3. In addition, the Project Manager and/or developer must write a bug fix release statement describing:
    • Specific changes that were made to address the bug
    • Development testing performed (including regression testing done) to check that the changes worked
    • How SQA will test the changes
  4. Project Manager submits the bug fix release to SQA for testing. The package consists of:
  5. SQA tests and approves the bug fix for distribution.
  6. EPSC distributes the approved bug fix release.
  7. EPSC works with Project Manager to notify customers that a new bug release is available.