EPRI: Electric Power Research Institute

Software Development

Step 6: Installation & Checkout Phase

Testing Submittal Packages

Required for Pre-production
Required for Production
1. Software Acceptance Form (SAF) Traveler (112 KB) X X
2. Requirements Specification Template (100 KB) X X
3. Software Executable/Installation package X
(with pre-production splash screen
(remove pre-production splash screen)
4. User Documentation (e.g., Software Manual) X X
5. Software Source Code* (Checked into a GitLab project). X X
6. Source Code Build Instructions X X
7. Developer response to previous SQA Team report (i.e., Pre-production, "Not Pass" Final) N/A X
8. SWS Promotion Checklist (80 KB)
This checklist is only required for SWS submittals
9. Nuclear QMP Database Agreement Splash Screen
This splash screen is only required for Nuclear sector SWS that utilize databases
10. Mobile (Apple and Google Play) Distribution Checklist (102 KB)
This checklist is required for all mobile submittals
* Source-code version must correspond to the submitted build version.

SWS Developers must submit their code by merging their code into the TEST branch of their GitLab repository. For more information regarding GitLab, send a message to SQA@epri.com.

Computer-Based Training (CBT) Developers must follow the CBT LMS process and submit the files stated under the "Files to Be Provided to EPRI" section. EPRI's Training Department is available for consultation for all aspects around developing CBTs.

All other submittals are only accepted using an SQA-provided EPRI SFTP site. To request an SFTP site, send a message to SQA@epri.com.

An MD5 hash must accompany all zip files provided in the SFTP submittal.

Pre-production Testing (e.g., Beta)

  • Not required for all software types, see Software Type Matrix for requirements
  • Beta testing is important to ensure you have met user expectations before completing the project
  • Three pre-production testing options available:
    • Option 1 – Standard: Standard: The SQA Team thoroughly reviews applicable EPRI product requirements
    • Option 2 – Limited: The SQA Team partially reviews applicable EPRI product requirements. Takes shorter time to complete and provide feedback. The EPRI Project Manager accepts the risk that the release may contain anomalies that can result in a Final Acceptance Test failure.
    • Option 3 – Customer-Focused: The SQA Team partially reviews applicable EPRI product requirements and sends software to select group of users to participate in the development process.

  • Note: The project manager may release with Option 2 and then request a complete review with Option 1. Option 3 does not replace Option 1.

Production Testing (Final Acceptance)

  • Required for all software types, see Software Type Matrix for specific requirements.
  • The software is ready to submit for the Final Acceptance test when:
    • All pre-production test results have been addressed
    • Developer testing has been completed and no further content changes will be made
    • All known errors are dispositioned
    • The test cases run exactly as documented in the software documentation
  • Security issues will normally be non-negotiable

SQA Team Does Not Perform

  • Verification and Validation (V&V) testing
  • Tests with or validation with real world data
  • Exhaustive testing or "white box" (source code) testing