EPRI: Electric Power Research Institute

Software Development

Preproduction Software Requirements from EPRI Legal

Before EPRI preproduction software (e.g., Alpha, Beta, Prototype, and Open Source) is distributed to EPRI customers for feedback, the following nine requirements from EPRI Legal that must be completed by the Project Manager:

  1. Export control is applied for encryption, content, etc. prior to preproduction software distribution
  2. Software with content that have third party licenses have an NDA, contract, etc. signed before distribution per the third-party license requirements
  3. EPRI potential trade secret material is identified and proper action is underway
  4. Receivers of preproduction software are aware that the software may have problems and could harm their system
  5. Receivers of preproduction software understand what to do with the software after the review period is over
  6. Receivers of preproduction software understand they cannot distribute it
  7. Receivers of a "free copy" of the preproduction software to debug, understand they do not receive consideration (i.e., have rights) to the production software
  8. Receivers of preproduction software understand that EPRI does not need to incorporate their suggestions/recommendations into the software
  9. Open source software is generally not allowed. Review the Third Party and Open Source Software Policy for more information. Software Quality Assurance (SQA) needs the signed authorization from EPRI Legal for use of any open-source software