EPRI: Electric Power Research Institute

Software Development

Step 2: Planning Phase

Once the concept has been agreed upon, actual project planning can proceed.

Key Decisions

  • Life Cycle Type and Software Type
    • Identification of EPRI Software Process Requirements and associated risks
  • Budget Cost and Schedule
  • Development Team (internally or externally developed)

Key Considerations

  • Some EPRI Policies and other software requirements have significant impact on the planning — costs, schedule, or feasibility
  • Key Policies (URLs Internal to EPRI only)
  • Funding
    • Be aware of your funding source. Most deliverables are required to be publically available
  • Technology
    • Technology must support business goals and desired business impact
    • Unsupported products/platforms require early review and appropriate approval(s) from IT (for support options) and/or Legal (for licensing)
  • Web-Based Software (except content-only)
    • Web-based software requires front-end approvals, whether hosted inside or outside of EPRI
    • Web-based software requires a kick-off meeting with IT
    • Websites and web apps have specific branding/layout requirements
    • Web apps and web services have significant security requirements that require additional security testing and documentation requirements
    • Contractors may need network access to submit software
  • Content-only web sites developed as collaboration sites in SharePoint can be requested via the Digital Solutions Request Portal (URL Internal to EPRI only)
  • Mobile Apps
    • If the Member Center will not be used for distribution, mobile apps require approval from Export Counsel and the Program Manager prior to project initiation
    • Require approval from Web & Mobile Solutions prior to project initiation
    • iOS apps have UI specifications and deployment controls (iTunes) that are dictated by Apple — flexible EPRI/iTunes model is being evaluated.
      • iOS apps should be free results postings
    • Android apps can be released as .apk files on the Member Center
      • Provided users can install apps that are not distributed via Google Play