EPRI: Electric Power Research Institute

Software Development

Mobile App Development Requirements

To develop an EPRI Mobile App:

  1. Consultation with SQA and Web & Mobile Solutions
  2. Forward the Business Requirements Document (BRD) Template (71 KB) to SQA. SQA will schedule a consultation with the EPRI Project Manager, Development team, Web & Mobile Solutions and SQA.

    The consultation will serve to:


    • Download the EPRIMobileFrameworkv1.0.pdf for more information on the EPRI Mobile Development Framework
    • Refer to the branding guide 4.1 for web browser requirements

  3. Kick-off Meeting with SQA
  4. When the official App name and Acronym are obtained, forward the approval to SQA along with a completed SWS/Mobile App Kick-off Meeting Checklist. SQA will schedule a kickoff meeting to review the mobile app development and support plans (e.g., Operating Systems, Platforms, etc.), Process Requirements (e.g., Pre-Production and Production distribution), usability testing, and security testing requirements. Upon a successful kick-off meeting, SQA will approve the start of development.

  5. Develop Mobile App
  6. In addition to branding requirements, mobile apps must meet applicable EPRI product requirements (e.g., Corporate, Documentation, Test Cases, GUI, etc.).

  7. SQA Testing and Distribution
  8. When the Mobile App is developed and ready for testing, contact SQA for testing and distribution information. To request an SQA test (e.g., Pre-Production (Beta) or Production (Final)), submit the Testing Submittal Package, which must include the Mobile App Distribution Checklist .