EPRI: Electric Power Research Institute

Software Development

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

The software Graphical User Interface (GUI) is tested for the following usability requirements:

  • Application Launch and About screens (see the EPRI Copyright Notice (105 KB) document)
  • Uses standard GUI features (e.g., pull-down menus, dialog boxes, toolbar buttons)
  • Consistent and logical navigation flow
  • Windows have consistent look and feel
  • Window colors must respond correctly to user changing of color settings
  • Menu options can be accessed via keyboard commands and/or arrow keys
  • Correct Tab order and function of hot-keys (alt-keys)
  • Support copying and pasting
  • Data formats are consistent throughout application windows
  • Information and error messages are useful, accurate, and correctly spelled
  • Error messages must be clear and direct the user to a solution
  • Unnecessary warnings do not appear
  • Interface recovers from anticipated user errors (e.g., invalid input)
  • Consistent interface across family of software applications (if applicable)