EPRI: Electric Power Research Institute

Software Development

Software Documentation

EPRI Software Manual Template

The software manual must conform to the EPRI Software Manual Template (709 KB). The template (.dotm) contains pre-made styles and auto-text.

Download the Accompanying Procedure Manual (1.16 MB), which serves as a guide for using the template. Submit the manual as a Microsoft Word (.doc) document in a directory called "Manuals" with the software. Remember to scan the manual for plagiarism prior to submittal.

Software Documentation (e.g., Software Manual) Is Reviewed For

  • Organization & Appearance: Conforms to the EPRI Software Manual Template, looks professional, describes purpose of application, consistent throughout (check numbering, page numbering, fonts, etc.), correct spelling and grammar
  • Installation & Un-Installation procedures including EPRI Mandatory Software Installation Information Statements (located inside EPRI Software Manual Template), system configuration requirements, and technical support information
  • Operational Procedures: Describes all toolbars, menus, commands and options; calculations and examples documented correctly, documents differences between operating systems
  • Test Cases / Sample Problems (or Tutorial)
  • Tables, Graphs and Figures: Identical to application graphical user interface, consistent captioning and numbering, referenced in text, consistent with list or table of tables, graphs and figures

Source Code Build Instructions

All software must include a documented process for compiling the source code. These instructions must include any information relevant to compiling the software such as:

  • Dependencies
  • Third-Party software
  • Compiler(s) used
  • Versions of Compiler(s) and Third-Party software used
  • Licensing requirements for Compiler(s) and Third-Party software
  • System requirements
  • Build parameters
  • Instructions for compiling the code

As with all documentation testing, we highly recommend that the developer attempt to run through these instructions on a freshly-installed system before submitting to SQA.