EPRI: Electric Power Research Institute

Software Development

Third Party and Open Source Software

All software development must comply with relevant requirements in the software licensing terms, applicable sourcing agreement, EPRI's Third Party and Open Source Software Policy, and as communicated by the EPRI Project Manager. Review the Third Party and Open Source Software Policy (URL Internal to EPRI only) for more information.

All third-party software used to develop or included in the distribution of an EPRI deliverable (both open source and non-open source) must be properly licensed to EPRI or the software developer, as applicable.

Any open source software incorporated into a deliverable should have a "Permissive" license. EPRI does not permit third-party software obtained under a "Reciprocal" license to be used in development or distributed within any deliverable.

Software developers must communicate regularly with the EPRI Project Manager about any third-party software used in development or distribution to ensure that restrictions in the license agreement are compatible with EPRI's use of the third party product. EPRI encourages software developers to provide third party license terms to EPRI for review as early as possible in the development process to avoid schedule delays. EPRI Project Managers are also encouraged to review all third party software licenses with EPRI Legal to make sure requirements are understood and approvals are obtained early in the project, so as to avoid delays when releasing the product.

For questions, EPRI Contractors should work through their EPRI Project Manager. EPRI Project Managers should contact EPRI Legal or SQA for assistance in determining requirements for third party and open source software.