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What's New?

Welcome to the news page of the EPRI Software Development website! Read below for what is new this year and for any changes from the past few years. Questions or comments? Contact the SQA team.

What is new for 2018?

2018 SEN Software Development Training Recording

New Process: Computer-Based Training (CBT) Learning Management System (LMS)

EPRI's Training Department is releasing a new Computer-Based Training (CBT) Learning Management System (LMS). CBTs shall be produced in a manner that is compatible with the EPRI LMS. Go here to review the process; EPRI's Training Department is available for consultation for all aspects around developing CBTs.

Software Submittal Dates:

Software needs to be submitted for testing as follows:

  1. Preproduction submittal (e.g., Beta) – Due 14 weeks prior to the Planned Completion Date (PCD)
  2. Final Acceptance submittal – Due 8 weeks prior to the Planned Completion Date (PCD)

Submittal dates for software with an end of year 12/31/2018 PCD:

  • Preproduction submittal: 09/14/2018
  • Final Acceptance submittal: 11/02/2018

What changed in 2017?

2017 EPRI GitLab Software Development Seminar on 09/07/17

EPRI Corporate GitLab Code Repository

EPRI's Corporate GitLab code repository has been integrated with EPRI's Software Development Process and is now available to all software development teams. GitLab will serve as the code repository for all EPRI software development and replace Perforce's role in deploying subscriber websites. The repository resides on EPRI's corporate infrastructure, follows all the security guidelines, and is backed up daily. GitLab offers a number of benefits including:

  • Git repositories
  • Automated deployments for subscriber websites currently supported by SQA
  • Issue tracking

SQA is currently in the process of migrating sites from Perforce to GitLab. For the remainder of 2017, we strongly encourage that developers migrate their sites prior to making new changes. In 2018, Perforce will no longer be supported by SQA and GitLab will be required. Contact the SQA team with any questions, to request access, or to have your site migrated.

  • Recording (20.6 MB)

  • Documentation on GitLab can be found here:

    2017 EPRI R&D Software Development Training

    The 2017 EPRI R&D Software Development Training covered the following topics:

    • Review of the Software Requirements Development website (e.g., updated, SWS process, new Mobile App process)
    • Software Types, Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) Definitions
    • Process for Customer-Focused Software Development
    • Upcoming Changes to Processes for the Use of 3rd Party Software
    • iThenticate

    SWS Process Update - SWS Promotion Checklist

    To asssist SQA with the promotion of your Pre-Production or Production SWS application, please complete and submit the SWS Promotion Checklist (80 KB) with the testing submittal package.

    What changed in 2016?

    2016 EPRI R&D Software Development Training

    EPRI Supported Operating Systems:

    Effective January 1, 2016, the Microsoft operating systems supported by EPRI-developed software are:

    • Windows Vista (optional)
    • Windows 7 64-Bit (32-Bit version is optional)
    • Windows 8.1
    • Windows 10

    What changed in 2015?

  • Software Excellence Network (see primary contacts)

    • Software Type changes:
      • Proof of concept software – NEW category
        • Does not have to become production
      • "Simple" spreadsheets defined for eMedia
      • Computer Based Training (CBT) – NEW category
        • No pre-production required
    • Process changes:
      • Clarity on software types and requirements by type
      • Clarity on what forms are required at eash process phase
      • No deliverable material ID required prior to issuing R&D contracts (but may be required for other business functions)
      • No detailed software documents (Quality Assurance Plan, etc.) required prior to issuing contracts
      • Encourage consultation of internal developers by Software Excellence Network
    • Software Excellence Network (see primary contacts)

    2015 EPRI R&D Software Development Training