EPRI: Electric Power Research Institute

Software Development

Forms & Templates

  • Requirements Specification Template (100 KB) is used to state how EPRI software product and process requirements are addressed in your software.

  • Software Acceptance Form (SAF) Traveler (112 KB)
    • Replaces the Software Deliverable Requirements Form (SDRF) when submitting a software contract request. Submit it with the Statement of Work (SOW)
    • Replaces the Software Product Description & Export Coding Form - Used to provide export classification. The description content will appear as the description for the software product in the EPRI Member Center
    • Use the Software Acceptance Form (SAF) to submit your software to SQA for the Pre-Production (e.g., Beta) or the Production (e.g., Final Acceptance Test)

  • The EPRI Business Requirements Document (BRD) Template (71 KB) is used to provide, both the Business Requirements and the Functional Requirements. The Business Requirements details the requirements as elicited by the business lead in conjunction with the key stakeholders. These state in business language what the desired solution must do.

  • Source Code Build Instructions are used to document the steps needed to compile the software.

  • SWS/Mobile App Kick-off Meeting Checklist (201 KB) is used to discuss logistics/requirements with the development team and SQA/IT. Use this form as the first step when engaging SQA/IT.

  • Requirement/Policy Exemptions: Check applicable policies for instructions on obtaining an exemption. Submit the approved exemption to the SQA team via e-mail or as a document (DOC, PDF) attached with the SAF Traveler.

    If there are no explicit instructions in the policy, send an email message to the person (e.g., Sector Director) who can approve the exemption. In the message, state the business reason for needing the exemption. Copy/forward the approval to SQA@epri.com.