EPRI: Electric Power Research Institute

Software Development

Enterprise Systems

Certain EPRI software require integration with key systems in the members' Information Technology (IT) inventory. These software are called enterprise systems (e.g., Microsoft Office, SAP, Maximo, OSIsoft's PI, etc.).

Integration with members' enterprise systems is critical because these systems contain data the EPRI software must use.

Requirements for software integration with Members' Enterprise Systems:

  1. Plans for Software Integration: Plans should be included in the earliest phases of the project and specify the enterprise systems from which data are required and/or in which EPRI software results are used

  2. Software Integration Standards: Preference should be given to the use of software integration standards (i.e., Common Information Model (CIM)) that reduce life cycle costs

  3. Software Modules Creation, Use and Reuse: Consideration should be given to the use of existing software capability either in EPRI or commercial products. Member input in the requirements process should be obtained to identify opportunities for use of existing member IT inventory capabilities.