EPRI: Electric Power Research Institute

Software Development

Acceptance Testing Criteria

A (Approved for Distribution)
No major problems identified (see below for examples of major problems). Minor problem examples: mislabeled toolbar button or plot axis; inconsistent screen capture in manual; or cannot print from toolbar but can using menu. Fix (or prepare a plan to fix) minor problems, review with EPRI Software Quality Management, then distribute.
Not Passed
Any of the following:
  • Virus detected on the distributed disks
  • Installation problems (some typical examples):
    • Insufficient or incorrect installation procedure
    • Application files placed into wrong directories
    • Software modifies the configuration or system files without warning or backing up originals
    • No Start menu or desktop icons created
    • Cannot install on a non-C: drive (e.g., D:)
  • Frequent abnormal program exits through multiple event sequences (e.g., memory limits, bad input)
  • General Protection Faults (GPFs) or "infinite loops"
  • Non-standard, illogical Windows GUIs
  • Non-functioning icons or menu items (e.g., PRINT doesn't work; inactive options aren't ghosted)
  • Insufficient/inaccurate printed documentation (e.g., no input/output views or descriptions of menu options)
  • Insufficient/non-functioning on-line help, without backup printed documentation
  • Test Case (or Tutorial):
    • Lack of test cases (or tutorial)
    • Test case aborts and cannot be completed
    • Test case results do not match expected results
  • Combination of several problems with user interface, documentation, or on-line help
Fix problems, then resubmit software for acceptance testing.