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Software Development

Subscriber Website Promotion

Follow the process for whichever repository (i.e. Perforce or GitLab) you've checked your builds into.

Perforce Process

To submit a request, please use the pre-filled email form.


If the above link does not work, please send a direct email to SQA@epri.com, copying the following into the body:

Requester Name: 

WBS #: 

Proposed Completion Date for Promotion: 

Is this a content-only promotion? 

Files to be promoted from Test to Production environment: 

Promote application database also? 

If yes, is this a transactional database? 

GitLab Process

1. Login to Gitlab

2. Navigate to your project's home page

3. Select Merge Requests

4. Select New merge request

5. Select the source branch that contains the code to be promoted

6. Select the target branch to determine which environment the code will be promoted to

7. Click Compare branches and continue

8. Enter a title describing the promotion (e.g. Promoting code from DEV to TEST)

9. Enter a description of the changes being promoted (optional)

10. Select Vail, Sean as the assignee (only needed if target branch is PROD)

11. Select a Milestone and Label (optional)

12. Click Submit merge request

Acceptance: At this point, the merge request must be accepted before the changes get promoted. If the target branch is DEV or TEST, the request can be accepted by the developer (See screenshot below). Otherwise, if the target branch is PROD, only SQA may accept the request.